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Contempo Closet begins new campaign on the move

Contempo Closet hits the streets of New York City with five of their specialty wardrobe closets on wheels. The wardrobes have been retro-fitted with wheels and are being pulled through Manhattan's streets; lending themselves to the name "walking wardrobes." This new initiative is a way to bring the product to the ... Read more >>


Contempo Closet avoids confusion by differentiating between a closet and a wardrobe.

Due to the current economic state, there is a downsizing shift in housing. As people and families move to smaller homes, closet space is at a premium; however, they still have what to store and need to find new solutions. Contempo Closet is here to provide the answers by providing customizable wardrobes. But what is a wardrobe? ... Read more >>


Contempo Closet expands its line of freestanding wardrobe closets to include platform beds and nightstands.

Contempo Closet started off specializing in creating and manufacturing free standing wardrobe closets. Recently, they added a line of platform beds, nightstands and chests of drawers. Platform beds come in a variety of sizes and are available with or without storage ... Read more >>

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