Organization and Storage for Every Place…Even the Garage

there might be a mess behind this doorWhile we mostly see wardrobe closets in the bedroom or living room, we know of another great place to use them: the garage.

Things can get messy in the garage, what with all the tools, toys, seasonal decorations and assorted knick knacks lying about.  But if you want a great way to keep your garage organized and bring some style in, too, we must suggest a Contempo Closet freestanding wardrobe unit.

Unlike a built-in closet, these freestanding wardrobes can go anywhere and handle any storage problem you may have, regardless of where it is.  They’re sturdy and durable.  With reinforced drawers and well-constructed shelves, our wardrobe closets can handle even your most rugged tools and equipment.

At Contempo Closet we strive to create great storage solutions for every part of the home – even the garage.

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Free Standing Closet vs Hole In The Wall

Free Standing ClosetHave you ever wondered what you’re going to do with all the hanging clothes that don’t fit in your existing closet?

For a while you can just squeeze more and more of your wardrobe into the closet space available, but if you’re anything like me your wardrobe will get bigger before it gets smaller.

You could get rid of your clothes, but that might not be the best way to go. Let’s look at other options before we start doing anything drastic!

In order to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories safe, you’re going to need more closet space.

Just Get More Closets

Now here’s a fantastic idea! Except for one thing. I remember one time when I was a kid I accidentally put a hole through a wall. I turned out there was already another room over there.

OK, it might not be so easy to just punch more holes in the wall to create more closet space after all.

Free Standing Closets To The Rescue!

We’ve already solved this problem… with the free standing wardrobe closet. Whether you need something for a narrow space, or a more full featured wardrobe with doors, drawers and hangrods all over the place, we’ve got just the thing.

Check out all our wardrobes and see what we mean.

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Make a Fresh Start

Make a fresh start with your wardrobeThere’s something strangely beautiful about a brand new closet.  Like a new car, half the fun of getting a new closet is just pondering all the possibilities and the excitement of your next organizing endeavor.

In a way it’s like a fresh start, a second chance at storage.  If you were messy beforehand, a new wardrobe is just the chance to do away with bad habits and find a newer, better and ultimately more efficient storage solution for your home.

A well-organized closet isn’t just about keeping your clothes color-coded or getting all your outfits in order.  It’s about peace of mind.

A well-organized closet means opening the doors and immediately being able to find exactly what you want in the morning with no hassle or no worries.  It’s a fresh start for a new, organized you.

Pictured Above: Contempo Wardrobe Solution with Lemon Tree Matte Finish

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Summertime Clothes

Summertime is here again and people are starting to wear their clothes a bit differently.  What are the trends packing wardrobes this summer?


This spring was all about electrifying colors like Tangerine Tango.  Summer will be adding even more
hues to the mix, particularly soft blues and greens (mint is slated for a big comeback).  Yellows, whites and other light colors are also expected to be in abundance on the city streets.

Tip: Take a chance, and try some jeans that are not blue.

For Girls

Loose, flowing fabric is always a great look in the summer.  Or, if you like to go a little more formal, try a preppy, light-colored plaid look.

Take a look to the 90’s for inspiration. Experts agree that big colors and retro accessories are the hot trends this summer.

For Guys

Blue is the color for this season, though don’t go with navy.  Keep it light and easy.  For a little variety, mix it up with shorts and a blazer.

If you’re the suit type, make sure to go for a more relaxed look.  It’s summer time.  Light grays and crèmes are your best friends in the suit dept.

Special Tip: Keep an eye on the Italian Olympic team this summer. Armani is the team’s official outfitter.  Ralph Lauren will be outfitting Team U.S.A.

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Getting Ready to Graduate? A Freestanding Wardrobe Can Make the Transition Easier

Graduating?  A Freestanding wardrobe can ease the moveThe semester is winding down and students all over the U.S. are preparing for college graduation.  Wherever their graduation takes them – into the workforce, to grad school, or even overseas – one thing is for sure: storage will be an issue.

But thanks to Contempo Closet, it doesn’t have to be a big issue.  Freestanding wardrobes offer one great advantage over built-in closets – they can go anywhere.  So whether graduates are moving across the country or just a few towns over, they can stay well-organized with completely mobile, freestanding wardrobe solutions.

Graduation can be a little nerve-wracking because of how unpredictable everything afterwards seems.  But no matter what life throws at the class of 2012, we’re here to assure that storage won’t be an issue.  Freestanding closets can go anywhere and help grads stay organized no matter what life throws at them.

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Winter Storage Tips

Winter Storage TipsNow that the warm weather appears to have moved in to stay, it’s time to put your winter wardrobe in storage, if you haven’t already.  But there’s a little more to storing your clothes for winter than just tossing them in a box and throwing them in the attic.

Read on to learn a little more:

First, go through your clothes thoroughly and get rid of anything that you don’t think you will wear again.  If you didn’t wear it last winter, you probably won’t wear it next winter, either.

Clean all your clothes thoroughly before putting them away in storage.  Dirty clothes will attract insects, and small food or dirt particles can stain clothes if left unattended.

Don’t hang t-shirts, sweaters or any other soft item that could be misshapen by hanging.  Fold carefully instead for storage.  Make sure to keep long hanging items, such as coats, in a garment bag.  And remember to use sturdy wood or plastic hangers instead of wire hangers to help your clothes retain their shape.

Store your clothes somewhere clean, cool and dry.  The last thing you want is moisture since it can discolor your clothes and give them a foul odor.  If you have no choice but to store your clothes in a humid or high-moisture area, try using a dehumidifier to stabilize the environment.

Do you know of any other great tips to keep your winter clothes locked up over the summer?

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Make Your Closet Proud

Make your closet proudOne of the easiest ways to lose your organization motivation is to let your closet reach a state where you don’t like looking at it.  Keep your closet looking good and make sure it’s something you can be proud of.

To keep your closet looking good though, you can’t just keep it clean and organized – unless that’s all it takes for you to feel proud of it.

Make your closet something you like looking at every morning.  Keep your favorite clothes and outfits in the front.  Place valuable jewelry or accessories in a place where you can easily see them.  You don’t buy things you don’t like, so make sure that what you love is represented by your closet.

Fill your closet with things you love and you’ll be more motivated to keep it clean.  Keep your favorite wardrobe items at the front and you’ll never let it fall into a state of disorganization.

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Organizing Your Accessories

Organize your accessoriesKeeping things like pants and shirts organized isn’t always such a hassle.  They’re big enough and usually varied enough that it’s not too hard to say what goes with what.  Accessories such as scarves, glasses, hats, etc. can be a little more difficult.

These items are pretty small, so it’s easy to mix them up in the morning.  Plus, they’re secondary items anyway.  Leaving home without your glasses in the morning is far less inconvenient than leaving without your pants, right?

To help keep track of your accessories, try to find a way to keep them near items they match.  For example, if you have a particular pair of glasses that you like wearing with a certain shirt, why not keep the glasses in the pocket of said shirt?  Or if you like color coding hanging items, why not place items of matching or similar colors in little boxes or trays under their fabric counterparts?

Or if you’ve got the space, use a rack or tray to keep your accessories in full view.  Contempo Closet provides accessories for scarves and ties and some neat, little jewelry trays, too.  Small items can get misplaced easily, and we understand the importance of having them readily available on a rushed morning.

Do you have any special tips to organize your accessories?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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Green Cleaning Tips

Clean GreenLast Sunday was Earth Day.  April 27 is Arbor Day.  April is Earth Month.  Is anyone else noticing a theme here?  It seems like now might be a good time to discuss green cleaning tips for around the house.

Plenty of traditional cleaners have ammonia or other chemicals in them that are harmful to the air we breathe.  Try some green cleaning methods around the house, instead.

To clean glass windows or mirrors, use rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or four tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with a half-gallon of water instead of an ammonia based window cleaner.

Next time you need to shine up your wooden furniture, instead of using a petroleum-based furniture polish, mix two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice and apply with just a soft cloth.  Your furniture will start to shine and smell nice, too.  (Polishing is not recommended for Contempo products).

To polish doorknobs or handles, try to avoid a conventional metal polish, since those usually contain ammonia.   Instead, make a paste of equal parts salt, vinegar, and flour and apply it to copper or brass items.  Cover the entire surface, let it dry and then wipe off the paste with a clean cloth for an eco-friendly brass polish.

Or try using a lemon.  Just slice the lemon in half, dip it in salt and rub on the item.  Afterwards, rinse and dry.

Do you know of any other green cleaning tips?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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Bad Declutter Habits

How NOT to organize your birdhouse collection

How NOT to organize your birdhouse collection

We’ve got enough declutter tips on this blog.  Today, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do.

Underestimating can be one of the big killers of any home organization project.  Not setting aside enough time, not having enough boxes, not having enough patience – these will all kill your home organization process before it even gets off the ground.

Take baby steps.  Go one room at a time and before you start re-organizing, take a minute to seriously consider a.) how much junk is in this room and b.) how complicated the organization process will be.  The last thing you need during a home organization binge is to start feeling overwhelmed.

Lack of Follow-Through is another killer.  Don’t just make the plan and tell yourself you’ll do the rest later.  Follow through and get it done.

Lack of commitment to an organized lifestyle will make your home organization project go down like a lead zeppelin.  You can’t just organize one day and expect magic fairies to clean up for you the other 364 days of the year.  Make a commitment and stay organized.

Perfectionism will only make you unhappy.  You don’t live in a magazine and your closet probably won’t look like the beautifully organized masterpieces you see in advertisements.

But that’s okay.  Because when it comes to getting yourself organized, good enough is enough.  Don’t sweat the rest.

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