Winter Storage Tips

Winter Storage TipsNow that the warm weather appears to have moved in to stay, it’s time to put your winter wardrobe in storage, if you haven’t already.  But there’s a little more to storing your clothes for winter than just tossing them in a box and throwing them in the attic.

Read on to learn a little more:

First, go through your clothes thoroughly and get rid of anything that you don’t think you will wear again.  If you didn’t wear it last winter, you probably won’t wear it next winter, either.

Clean all your clothes thoroughly before putting them away in storage.  Dirty clothes will attract insects, and small food or dirt particles can stain clothes if left unattended.

Don’t hang t-shirts, sweaters or any other soft item that could be misshapen by hanging.  Fold carefully instead for storage.  Make sure to keep long hanging items, such as coats, in a garment bag.  And remember to use sturdy wood or plastic hangers instead of wire hangers to help your clothes retain their shape.

Store your clothes somewhere clean, cool and dry.  The last thing you want is moisture since it can discolor your clothes and give them a foul odor.  If you have no choice but to store your clothes in a humid or high-moisture area, try using a dehumidifier to stabilize the environment.

Do you know of any other great tips to keep your winter clothes locked up over the summer?

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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