Winter Storage Tips

Winter Storage Tips Now that the warm weather appears to have moved in to stay, it’s time to put your winter wardrobe in storage, if you haven’t already. But there’s a little more to storing your clothes for winter than just tossing them in a box and throwing them in the attic. Continue reading
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What’s in Your Closet?

The Luxor 455 is the perfect place for a TV Although we normally build these closest with clothes in mind, truth be told, you could store almost anything in a Contempo Closet. And considering the possibilities offered by our custom features and design options, your Contempo Closet could become so much more than just a closet. Continue reading
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Having Fun With Old Clothes

Old clothes can serve some fun new purposes Instead of throwing out or donating your old clothes, there are plenty of ways to re-use them around the house. Make a bean-bag chair, a book cover, or even a new lampshade cover with your old clothes. Save money and have fun with these simple projects! Continue reading
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Take Care of Your Clothes

Learn how to keep your clothes fresh Like everything, clothes require proper storage and maintenance. Follow these tips, and let your clothes last years, letting you save money and hold onto your favorite clothes longer. Continue reading
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Don’t Throw Out Your Clothes; Donate Them

Donate your old clothes to someone who really needs them With temperatures rising over 60 degrees in the Northeast already, spring isn’t just on its way; it’s here!  With the spring season in full swing, it’s time for everyone’s least favorite part of an otherwise happy season: spring cleaning.  But … Continue reading
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