Bad Declutter Habits

How NOT to organize your birdhouse collection

How NOT to organize your birdhouse collection

We’ve got enough declutter tips on this blog.  Today, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do.

Underestimating can be one of the big killers of any home organization project.  Not setting aside enough time, not having enough boxes, not having enough patience – these will all kill your home organization process before it even gets off the ground.

Take baby steps.  Go one room at a time and before you start re-organizing, take a minute to seriously consider a.) how much junk is in this room and b.) how complicated the organization process will be.  The last thing you need during a home organization binge is to start feeling overwhelmed.

Lack of Follow-Through is another killer.  Don’t just make the plan and tell yourself you’ll do the rest later.  Follow through and get it done.

Lack of commitment to an organized lifestyle will make your home organization project go down like a lead zeppelin.  You can’t just organize one day and expect magic fairies to clean up for you the other 364 days of the year.  Make a commitment and stay organized.

Perfectionism will only make you unhappy.  You don’t live in a magazine and your closet probably won’t look like the beautifully organized masterpieces you see in advertisements.

But that’s okay.  Because when it comes to getting yourself organized, good enough is enough.  Don’t sweat the rest.

Photo Credit: Sakhorn38

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