Tips to Clear Up Space Regularly

Find time to clear up space regularlyIf there’s one lesson I hope that everyone has been taking away from this blog, it’s the importance of consistency.  Here at Contempo Closet, we can build great wardrobe closets to help meet your home organization and storage needs, but we cannot make you use them that way.  That part is on you.

If you know some great organizing tricks, well, that’s awesome.  If you practice them regularly, that’s even better.  You have to clear up space and clean up regularly in order to maintain a neat, orderly home.  Here are a few quick tips to help you get an organizing plan together.

Clean up before bed.  Well, not exactly.  It doesn’t have to be spick and span, but before you decide to wind down every night do a quick sweep of the living room, bed room and kitchen.  Is anything glaringly out of place (think coats hung on chairs, magazines or newspapers covering tables, toys on the floor)? If so, pick it up before settling in.

Develop a schedule and stick to it!  Designate “inspection times.”  Find a time when you’ll most likely be home (e.g. Sunday night) and make that inspection time.  Be fastidious and try to make sure everything is in its right place.

Doing this on Sunday is also a good idea since it will help you start the week on the right foot.  The last thing you want to do is start the week with a mess.

Adapt.  Adaptation is crucial.  It’s what has allowed humans to survive this long.  Life is going to throw wrenches into your plan, so be flexible and be prepared to shift according to unforeseen circumstances.

The important part is consistency.  So whatever happens, try to push time aside to organize.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and ultimately great organization will become second nature to you.

Organization is all about forming good habits, which is going to take a while.  Keep it up and don’t falter and you’re sure to become well-organized in no time.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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