Tips to Clear Up Space Regularly

Find time to clear up space regularlyIf there’s one lesson I hope that everyone has been taking away from this blog, it’s the importance of consistency.  Here at Contempo Closet, we can build great wardrobe closets to help meet your home organization and storage needs, but we cannot make you use them that way.  That part is on you.

If you know some great organizing tricks, well, that’s awesome.  If you practice them regularly, that’s even better.  You have to clear up space and clean up regularly in order to maintain a neat, orderly home.  Here are a few quick tips to help you get an organizing plan together.

Clean up before bed.  Well, not exactly.  It doesn’t have to be spick and span, but before you decide to wind down every night do a quick sweep of the living room, bed room and kitchen.  Is anything glaringly out of place (think coats hung on chairs, magazines or newspapers covering tables, toys on the floor)? If so, pick it up before settling in.

Develop a schedule and stick to it!  Designate “inspection times.”  Find a time when you’ll most likely be home (e.g. Sunday night) and make that inspection time.  Be fastidious and try to make sure everything is in its right place.

Doing this on Sunday is also a good idea since it will help you start the week on the right foot.  The last thing you want to do is start the week with a mess.

Adapt.  Adaptation is crucial.  It’s what has allowed humans to survive this long.  Life is going to throw wrenches into your plan, so be flexible and be prepared to shift according to unforeseen circumstances.

The important part is consistency.  So whatever happens, try to push time aside to organize.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and ultimately great organization will become second nature to you.

Organization is all about forming good habits, which is going to take a while.  Keep it up and don’t falter and you’re sure to become well-organized in no time.

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Storing Your Sports Gear

Find a place to store your sports gearAs a new little league baseball season begins, parents around the country are taking their kids to practice, filling the  stands, rooting on their children and trying to make room for all their sports gear.

Baseball demands a healthy bit of equipment.  There’s the obvious -bat, glove, and ball.  Then there are the secondary items – things like cleats, batting gloves, helmets, and practice supplies (pitch-back, practice net), and, if the child is a catcher, they’ll need a face mask, shin guards and chest protector to go along.

Anyway, you get the point.  Baseball means gear.  Gear means storage.

Thankfully, at Contempo Closet, we’re storage all-stars.  With an expansive line of modular wardrobes with custom interior and finish options, we can create the perfect storage space for any little major-leaguer in training.

No matter how many sports they play or how much gear your children use, we guarantee that Contempo Closet has the storage solution for you.

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Starting Over with Home Storage

Sometimes home storage just has to start overGood home organization is one of those habits that must be practiced regularly otherwise it progressively declines to near unmanageable levels of awful.  And home storage can get bad.  Sometimes, it gets so bad, that the only thing you can really do is start over.

It’s ok.  It happens.  People fall into slumps all the time.  It’s just that sometimes you have to know whether it’s worth it to clean up or just start all over.

One of the main reasons homes fall into a state of disarray is a lack of efficient organization systems.  Having a system that makes storage difficult or inconvenient will not just fail, but fail hard, since nothing will be properly organized and chances are you won’t actually take the extra, inconvenient time to organize.

If that’s the case, it’s time to start over.  Regardless of what you need to do to start over, make sure that this time, you’ve at least got the right equipment.  Check out Contempo Closet’s line of custom wardrobe products to find the piece that can help you get organized and stay organized with efficient home storage equipment and practices.

Photo Credit: Bill Longshaw

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How to Clean a Closet

How to Clean a ClosetOftentimes, when we discuss closet cleaning we only talk about how to declutter or organize a closet.  But not today.  Oh no, today we’re going to discuss literally cleaning the closet.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

Since Contempo Closet wardrobe products are all made from melamine, not solid wood, they’re actually pretty easy to clean.  Routine cleaning with a damp towel is recommended, and, if you really want to be neat, feel free to dust.  However, soap and polish sprays are not recommended.

If your wardrobe closet features glass or mirror finishes, those can be cleaned with any ordinary glass cleaner.

A good practice is to clean your closet every time you reorganize.  You’re already taking everything out, so why not take 20 minutes to give the closet a quick once-over to get out any dust or grime that may have accumulated?

When you’re done organizing, toss an air freshener in the back of the closet so you’ll always be greeted by a nice smell when you look for clothes in the morning.

Do you have any helpful closet cleaning tips?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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Double Your Space with a Double Hanging Wardrobe Closet

Double your wardrobe space by double hangingWhat if I told you there was a way to double your storage space without buying an extra closet?  Would you laugh in my face or wait to hear the rest of what I’ve got to say?

There is a way.  In fact, it’s rather simple…

Double Hanging!

It’s easy.  Several of our wardrobe closet interiors can be customized to accommodate double hanging, letting you hang twice as many clothing articles with no hassle.  Be aware though that double hanging would most likely mean your wardrobe closet would not be able to house coats or gowns.

Plan carefully before double hanging in your wardrobe space.  Make sure the interior of your closet can accommodate double hanging and make sure that the clothing you intend to put inside of a double hanging space will all fit properly.  There’s nothing worse than customizing the interior of a closet only to later find that you can’t actually utilize your custom options.

Pictured Above: Designer Wardrobe Closet w/ 2 Doors, Spacious Compartments and Shelf

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When It Comes to Decluttering, Two Heads Are Better Than One

Decluttering is easier with a friendWe’ve all been there.  Cleaning out the closet, promising yourself that you’ll finally get rid of everything this time, but before you know it, you’ve got three piles labeled Definitely Keep, Probably Keep, Certainly Keep and a few socks that you don’t mind throwing away.

It’s ok.  We all form sentimental bonds to our possessions and the memories we attach to them.  Plus, let’s be honest, sometimes you’re not the best judge of what looks great on you.

That’s why next time you clean out your closet, you might want to consider bringing a friend along to help with the decluttering process.  Your friend doesn’t have to get too involved, but having a second opinion will certainly help you determine what really needs to stay and what can go.  Their honesty can help you be honest with yourself, and you’ll quickly realize that you probably don’t need most of those clothes from high school that you’re hoping will come back in style again.

As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.”  An objective observer can be a valuable addition to the decluttering process and can certainly help you declutter and create a more efficient closet space.

Photo Credit: Ambro

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Modern and Mobile: 21st Century Storage

Mobility is modern...and funThe world’s getting more mobile.  We carry our lives with us in handheld electronic gadgets.  All of the world’s great communication, news media, data distribution and organization fit snugly in the palm of your hand.  If you can take data with you that easily, shouldn’t your physical storage be mobile, too?

At Contempo Closet, we build freestanding wardrobe closets that offer a great built-in look but can still go anywhere they please.

The future won’t be about staying in one place, but about moving further, faster.  With Contempo Closet, your wardrobe closet can still come along for the ride.

Photo Credit: Ambro

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The Golden Ratio and Wardrobe Organization

The Golden RatioApril is National Mathematics Education Month.  I’m sure many of you just roll your eyes and think back to high school algebra when we bring up Math, but hopefully this post can change that.

As a little tribute to mathematics, we’re going to spend some time this morning discussing Euclid’s concept of the golden ratio and how it applies to your closet.

First things first: The Golden Ratio is equal to 1.6180339887.

Now why should you care?

The Golden Ratio is the proportion by which many of the greatest artists and architects the world’s ever known scaled their works.  It’s what takes the façade of a building from ok to mind-blowing, and appears frequently in man-made objects such as books, sculpture, paintings, music, and also in the natural world (trees, branches, skeletons).

So what does this have to do with your closet?

The golden ration is approximately equal to 3/2.  You can apply that to your home organization tactics whenever you de-clutter or reorganize.  For every three items you keep, throw two away.  This will keep you from over-accumulating and free up plenty of valuable closet space.

We’ll be discussing the golden ration and the mathematics of design on our other blogs Contempo Space and Contempo Wall at some point this month so check back in soon if you feel like doing a little learning.

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Places You Could Use a Freestanding Wardrobe

Where do you need a wardrobe?We primarily consider wardrobes to be bedroom furniture and storage towers for clothing storage.  But there’s plenty of others places to put them and plenty of other things they could hold around the house.  Read on for some ideas on how to make the best of a wardrobe closet in several parts of your home.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way, first.  While wardrobes are a great place to keep your clothes and fashion accessories, they can also be quite handy for storing pillows, linens and other bedroom essentials.

Living Room

While we usually leave living room and entertainment storage to our family brand Contempo Wall, a wardrobe closet could be plenty useful in the living room as well.  House a TV inside with the 455 Designer Wardrobe or use one of our wardrobes as a display case.

Hint: With LED Lights inside, these closets will shine like a million bucks.


Tired of walking to the hall or bedroom closets every time you need a new roll of toilet paper?  Keep a wardrobe in your bathroom to store supplies such as toothpaste, cotton swabs, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo and more.


Need to keep your tools and gardening supplies organized?  Try a custom freestanding wardrobe closet.  Organize the interior with extra shelves/compartments to keep your all your tools and supplies stored neatly with easy accessibility.

There’s a wide variety of uses for a wardrobe closet anywhere.  Where do you think you could use one?

Pictured Above: Designer Wardrobe Collection

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Celebrate Storage

Celebrate your storagePeople have stuff, and most people like their stuff.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  We live to collect keepsakes; mementos and trinkets that make us feel good.

So why not celebrate your possessions with dashing storage options?  At Contempo Closet, we custom design wardrobes and reach-in closets, tailored to a customer’s specific storage needs and necessities.  Our designs complement your home and your lifestyle in order to seamlessly integrate elegant storage into your home and your life.

We like to think of it as a non-invasive approach to home storage.  We’re not trying to disrupt your lifestyle and make you adopt new habits because of our product. On the contrary, we work with you to make sure these storage solutions make your life as easy as possible.  We want you to pick up these storage habits in a way that won’t disrupt the current flow of your lifestyle, but instead fit in gently and conveniently to de-clutter your home with a beautiful storage solution that’s just right for you.

Celebrate your storage.

Pictured Above: Contempo Closet Freestanding Wardrobe Closet

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