The Golden Ratio and Wardrobe Organization

The Golden RatioApril is National Mathematics Education Month.  I’m sure many of you just roll your eyes and think back to high school algebra when we bring up Math, but hopefully this post can change that.

As a little tribute to mathematics, we’re going to spend some time this morning discussing Euclid’s concept of the golden ratio and how it applies to your closet.

First things first: The Golden Ratio is equal to 1.6180339887.

Now why should you care?

The Golden Ratio is the proportion by which many of the greatest artists and architects the world’s ever known scaled their works.  It’s what takes the façade of a building from ok to mind-blowing, and appears frequently in man-made objects such as books, sculpture, paintings, music, and also in the natural world (trees, branches, skeletons).

So what does this have to do with your closet?

The golden ration is approximately equal to 3/2.  You can apply that to your home organization tactics whenever you de-clutter or reorganize.  For every three items you keep, throw two away.  This will keep you from over-accumulating and free up plenty of valuable closet space.

We’ll be discussing the golden ration and the mathematics of design on our other blogs Contempo Space and Contempo Wall at some point this month so check back in soon if you feel like doing a little learning.

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