How to Clean a Closet

How to Clean a ClosetOftentimes, when we discuss closet cleaning we only talk about how to declutter or organize a closet.  But not today.  Oh no, today we’re going to discuss literally cleaning the closet.  Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

Since Contempo Closet wardrobe products are all made from melamine, not solid wood, they’re actually pretty easy to clean.  Routine cleaning with a damp towel is recommended, and, if you really want to be neat, feel free to dust.  However, soap and polish sprays are not recommended.

If your wardrobe closet features glass or mirror finishes, those can be cleaned with any ordinary glass cleaner.

A good practice is to clean your closet every time you reorganize.  You’re already taking everything out, so why not take 20 minutes to give the closet a quick once-over to get out any dust or grime that may have accumulated?

When you’re done organizing, toss an air freshener in the back of the closet so you’ll always be greeted by a nice smell when you look for clothes in the morning.

Do you have any helpful closet cleaning tips?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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