Mirrored Designer Wardrobe Closet w/ 2 Doors and 6 Shelves

Item#: 353



You don't need to dive to the bottom of the sea or travel to far off islands to find hidden treasure. We've got some waiting for you at our Passaic, NJ showroom. The Alpha 353 offers superior expert craftsmanship, an elegant piece whose beauty is surpassed only by its prudence. A glamorous storage solution, this wardrobe sparkles (well not literally) with excellence and intelligence.

The 353 features six full-sized cabinets spanning the interior width, providing seven individual spaces for high-caliber storage and organization. Like a lost relic of brilliance, this freestanding piece illustrates the pure ingenuity of Contempo design. Built-to-last, it's strong and sturdy, unflappable and dignified, yet the sublime elegance of the design quality suggests a sense of delicacy and sophistication. Imagine a piece that strikes terror with its roar yet chooses to persuade with eloquence and subtlety instead.

This piece may be customized as you see fit. Additional shelves or dividers may be installed to model the interior to your personal storage needs. With over 40 custom color and finish options, the combinations are nearly endless. Choose a design that sits perfectly within your space, harmoniously dashing amongst your pre-existing furniture decor, or allow us to create a piece that will shake up your room, revitalizing the center and rejuvenating your space's energy.

Home delivery is available upon request. Our in-house, trained professionals with deliver and place your purchase as directed, then packaging materials will be removed and recycled at our factory. You just have to find the right spot in the house.


Two-door accessibility

Six full-sized, well-constructed shelves

Over 40 custom finish options and color combinations

Customizable interior will accommodate additional shelves or dividers to fit your storage needs

Freestanding design requires no fastening, securing or hanging from walls or floors




  1 Dimensions may vary slightly from those listed. In order to accommodate these variations and make sure your purchase will fit during delivery, you must allow a 3 inch margin on all sides (width, depth and height). If your space will not accommodate the product along with the margin, then please contact one of our design consultants for a written proposal on a custom solution that can be more preciously tailored to your exact space and needs.  
  2 Finishes may vary slightly from those portrayed due to differences in monitors and how they portray colors. Swatches may have been enlarged or reduced to show texture and are not shown at actual size. If you would like to match a specific finish to your space and verify the exact color and texture, then please contact one of our design consultants to either make an appointment to come visit our showroom or order a swatch to be sent to you.  
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