How Colorful Is Your Closet? Lots of finish options with our wardrobe collection

A great article below by Winona Dimeo-Ediger from The Frisky about how to infuse color into your wardrobe. What better way then to have a colorful wardrobe closet to go along with it, available in 3 different front finishes including matte, mirror and colored glass fronts in addition to a matching or contrasting case color resulting in thousands of combinations.

Tie-dye maxi dress, $49.50 by Delia*s

The vast majority of my clothes are black, which means my closet is almost as dark as a Stanley Kubrick film. Usually I’m okay with this arrangement. I prefer to bring color into my wardrobe with accessories—hot pink shoes, bright blue tights, gold costume jewelry—but there are times when I see someone rocking a bright green dress or a red skirt/yellow cardigan combo and I yearn for a more colorful wardrobe. The truth is, though, black clothing is my comfort zone. I bought a red dress a few weeks ago but have barely worn it because it’s so attention-grabbing.

So I was wondering: how colorful is your wardrobe? Do you build on black basics like I do, or maybe favor white instead? What color do you wear most often and why?

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