Color Code Your Closet: Easy Organization In Color

Keep your closet organized by color like a box of crayons.

Photo Credit: Kate Ter Har

It’s a tough job sometimes, but it’s never a bad idea to keep your closet organized.  An untidy jumble of pants, shirts, and jackets won’t make a hectic morning any easier nor will it give you any motivation to keep the rest of your home organized.

One easy way organize a closet is to color code your clothing items.  It’s simple and intuitive, plus it will create a peaceful, organized space for you to look at first thing every morning.

Start off by separating all of your clothes by type.  Put pants with pants, shirts with shirts, and so on and so forth.  Easy, right?

Now take each sub-category and organize from light to dark.  Start with anything white and then gradually add darker colored items until you get to black.  For multi-colored patterns, place them with whatever color appears dominant, or if you have a lot of items with a similar pattern such as plaid, you could make a whole separate sub-section strictly for patterned items.

One area where you might not want to apply the rule exactly would be navy blue to black.  On a rushed morning, it can be easy to confuse the two, so do yourself a favor by putting in some kind of dividing color such as brown or grey.

Do you know of any other good tips for color-coding or organizing your storage space?  Share below or contact us on twitter via @ContempoSpace.

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2 Responses to Color Code Your Closet: Easy Organization In Color

  1. Leonard Schwartz says:

    Color coding is great if you are not color blind like I am. At various times in my life I have numbered my clothes and then matched the numbers. I also have on my closet door a list of all of my suits. Next to each suit is the color of each shirt that goes with the suit and next to the shirt I have a description of the tie(s) and suspenders that will matcvh the suit and shirt. That seems to work well for me.

  2. michaelsmith says:

    That sounds like an excellent system, Leonard. Thank you for sharing.

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