Ditch The Clutter For Lent

Does your room look like this?  Get organized today!Every year, Catholics sacrifice one thing for 40 days and 40 nights to commemorate Christ’s journey into the desert as part of a ritual called Lent.  Some give up material things such as clothes shopping.  Others give up junk food or sugary drinks.  And some go so far as to give up certain daily habits entirely, like swearing, smoking, or watching TV.

While everyone has their own Lenten ritual or reason to participate, in the end it all comes down to sacrifice for the sake of self-improvement.  This Lenten season, we recommend you sacrifice clutter, disorganized living spaces and messy homes.  Get a Contempo Closet, customize how you like it, and keep your clothes off the floor and in the closet.

Photo Credit: thephotoholic

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