Sacrifice To Clear Your Mind and Your Space

Empty your thoughts and your spaceWith the passing of Ash Wednesday, Catholics enter the Lenten holiday, a time for sacrifice, reflection and ultimately self-improvement.

One of the most important words jumping across their lips today is sacrifice.  Catholics give something up for 40 days and 40 nights ultimately as a means of self-improvement, to do away with a vice or urge that they leave unchecked throughout most of the year.

America is driven by an unending urge to consume.  Shopaholic, materialistic, whatever you want to call it, America has a spending problem.  And as the spaces we live in slowly shrink, our possessions continue to grow, unchecked.

With this endless march of possession, space becomes cluttered and organization becomes difficult.  As space descends into chaos, so does the mind.  A cluttered space begets a cluttered mind, confused by a mass of needless thoughts and extraneous worry.

This year, cut down for a change.  Spend less.  Donate a few items to charity.  Unclutter your life, unclutter your mind.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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  1. Auth says:

    My kids closets are rellay small and can get out of control. I have to go through them every few months. Kids grow so fast! My kids love donating old clothes and toys that they have out grown. We usually donate them to family and friends that have younger kids. Thanks for the great tips!

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