Closets For Rooms Big and Small

The typical logic surrounding home design in the 21st century hinges upon the dichotomy between big and small.  Most spaces feature one large room – typically a family room or living room – which has several smaller satellite rooms – typically bed rooms or bath rooms.

However, the typical storage needs of these two spaces are practically opposites!  Family rooms house TV’s and entertainment systems, but the real storage difficulties lie in the bedrooms, where parents and children keep their clothes, books, jewelry and personal accessories.  Small bedrooms need lots of personal storage space; large living rooms, not so much.  See the trouble?

Thankfully, storage troubles are our specialty.  With freestanding wardrobes, built-in closet designs, shelves, pull-out drawers, pants racks, and more, we’ve got closets and solutions to keep any space clean and organized, no matter what the size.

Big wardrobes for big rooms......and compact wardrobes for small spaces



For spaces big and spaces small,

             Contempo has solutions for all!






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