Don’t Hunt For Clothes In Your Closet – Get Organized

A well-organized closet is your friend in the morningMorning is a hectic time for everyone.  Getting up, ready and dressed with a time-limit is one of the greatest challenges everyone has to face each day.  Make the challenge a little easier with a well-organized closet.

Categories are your friend.  Categorize as much as you can and do it often in your closet.  Match dress clothes, casual clothes, colors, etc. so you know exactly where to look for each occasion.

Rotate seasonal clothes to a readily available space.  If it’s the middle of July, there’s no reason to have five sweaters in the most accessible spot in your closet.  Shift your wardrobe organization based on the season and what you’ll be wearing.  This is especially important with shoes.

Drawers are an organizational essential.  They are perfect for socks, undergarments and folded items such as shirts and sweaters.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good set of drawers.

Keep a mirror nearby.   Or even inside the closet (Contempo Closet offers optional interior mirrors on the inside of the door as an invaluable accessory).

Don’t forget about the accessories!  Be it a shelf or a shoebox, be sure to keep your accessories organized somehow.  That time you spend fumbling through ties or jewelry in the morning is time well-wasted.

The average American wastes valuable minutes every morning rummaging through an unorganized closet.  Keep what you need up front and get organized to make the morning move a little smoother.

Pictured Above: The Alpha 355 Hanging Wardrobe Closet

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