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Why Buy Custom?

Want a wardrobe that fits you just so? Have it custom made. Contempo Closet specializes in customizable wardrobe closets. One big question we are faced with is why should a customer buy customized furniture rather than something “off the shelf?” This article will answer this question. How many times have we all … Continue reading
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Mirror, Mirror on The Wall—Using Mirrors to Create Space

Use mirrors to create depth in a small bedroom Use mirrors to create depth in a small bedroom We all have mirrors in our homes; today’s blog is about positioning mirrors in creative ways to open up your space. Mirrors help create space by reflecting light making an area … Continue reading
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Lessons from Rachel Zoe

s-RACHEL-ZOE-BABY-CLOSET-large When I woke up this morning, I was bombarded with images of baby Skyler’s closet.  If you haven’t seen them yet– let’s just say that kid has an incredible wardrobe! I didn’t know a baby could own such things. As … Continue reading
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“There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…” Oh wait that’s me

Does your closet look like this? Feel like you have no room to organize? Read on for some solutions. Moving from a house to an apartment has gotten me, Emily Robinson, thinking about space, and how to effectively and efficiently use it. (And seeing the number of articles on related topics in home magazines tells me I’m not the … Continue reading
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Your Exercise Equipment Is NOT a Closet

Is this what your treadmill looks like? Clean it up! Brooklyn based phyical trainer, Mark Izhak, writes about what not to do with your treadmill. One thing he mentions is that a treadmill is not a giant hanger. If you need more room to store your clothes, try Contempo Closet’s 8 … Continue reading
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What’s a girl to do…? How Marc Anthony Tried to Control Jennifer Lopez’s Wardrobe

According to US, Marc Anthony thinks his wife’s wardrobe is too sexy for a mother of two. What is she going to do with the garments that made her Style icon of the decade? We can think of several … Continue reading
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