Some Strange Secrets of Former Presidents

History glorifies our president's as honorable men and scholars, but they've still got plenty of strange quirks and weird skeletons in their closets.

Many of our past presidents have been glorified as icons of the free world, men of progress, liberty and honor.  But nonetheless, they were all just regular people like the rest of us (except Teddy Roosevelt; he probably had some lion blood in him).  Hidden in the presidential closet, you can find plenty of quirks, misdeeds and strange facts that many might not consider presidential.  From the freaky to the funny to the just plain pathetic, here are some of our favorite facts about past presidents.

- William Howard Taft was so large he needed to install a new bathtub in the White House so he could fit comfortably.

- John Quincy Adams habitually went skinny dipping in the Potomac River.

- John Tyler fathered 15 children.

- James Buchanan never married.

- Andrew Johnson never attended school or had a formal education.

- Ulysses S. Grant smoked about 20 cigars a day.  He died of throat cancer (big surprise).

- Grant also received a $20 speeding ticket on his horse.

- Grover Cleveland dodged the draft by hiring someone else to go in his place.

- Warren G. Harding once gambled away the entire set of White House china on one hand of cards.  His advisors were casually known as “The Poker Cabinet.”

- George W. Bush proposed to his wife, Laura, after knowing her for only 3 months.

Got any more strange presidential facts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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