Organized State of Mind

Organized state of mindWhile reading through Dwell Magazine’s article A Rational Approach, one particular idea stuck in our head: clutter is a state of mind.

Our wardrobe closets are great at what they do: organizing and storing.  But in the end, they are only tools, instruments to help silence a worried mind.  And they have limits because in the end, an actual person has to do the physical organizing.  Our closets can’t pick up a mess for you (yet).

This indicates, at least to us, that great organization is not just a simple matter of closets and accessories, but commitment and dedication to the de-cluttering process.  You can’t just add a new closet or wardrobe and expect your home to stay clean.  If you want an organized home, you need to commit to an organized home.

In both your design and your lifestyle, let organization remain tantamount.  Develop good habits and keep them.  We can provide the instruments, but we can’t play the song for you.  That’s a step you have to take.

Photo Credit: Rita H. Cobbs

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