Hiding Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

How are you going to hide your Valentine's Day gifts this year?

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Maybe you’re one of those early planners and you’ve bought your Valentine’s Day gift a week early this year.  Congratulations.  Now how do you keep it hidden for a week?  The closet is an obvious place to start, but if you share a living space with your significant other, you can’t be sure that he/she isn’t going to accidentally uncover it while cleaning or looking for something else, so you’ve got to get creative.

One sure-fire way to keep the present hidden is to wrap it in inconspicuous packaging.  An old shoe-box shouldn’t raise any eyebrows and your significant other probably wouldn’t even give it a second glance.

Hiding smaller gifts in clothing isn’t a bad idea either.  Objects lodged in coat pockets, shoes, socks, or even sleeves wouldn’t attract extra attention.  Just make sure none of those items are on the dry cleaning list that week!

If your closet is somewhat cluttered or unorganized, use the clutter to your advantage and wedge the gift in somewhere unnoticeable.  It’s easy to spot something out of place amidst an orderly row of shelves and compartments, so if you have a little mess, use it to your advantage.

Of course there are plenty of other great spots in the house to hide things, but please don’t let us have all the fun.  Leave a comment below and share some of your favorite places to hide things around the house.

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