valentine’s day

With Contempo Closet You Don’t Have to Commit

committment With Valentine’s Day coming just around the corner, the “C” word is being thrown around quite a bit -Commitment.  It seems like every year around this time, relationships become a game and the only way to win is to go … Continue reading
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Sharing Is Caring: Making The Most of Your Closet Space

sharing a closet When you enter into a relationship with someone, you’re committing to share.  Thoughts, feelings, affection, there’s an insurmountable number of items – tangible and intangible – two people might share with one another. How about the closet?  Space is running … Continue reading
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Hiding Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

How are you going to hide your Valentine's Day gifts this year? Maybe you’re one of those early planners and you’ve bought your Valentine’s Day gift a week early this year.  Congratulations.  Now how do you keep it hidden for a week?  The closet is an obvious place to start, but if … Continue reading
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