Barbie Gets A Dream Closet. Why Shouldn’t You?

At the Mercedes Benz NYC Fall Fashion Week, presenters revealed an unexpected but long overdue new event: Barbie’s Dream Closet.  Hosted by Mattel, the  53-year old icon was honored with Barbie’s The Dream Closet Cocktail Party at the David Rubenstein Atrium of Lincoln Center in New York.

Barbie made several appearances as various models donned decades-worth of signature Barbie styles.  Models mingled with designers, journalists, bloggers and, of course, children who enjoyed “hair styling, manicures and DIY art projects” at the Beauty Bar.

But the night’s grand spectacle came from several enormous computer screens offering the ultimate Barbie dress-up experience.  Highlighting over 50 years of fashion trends, the virtual wardrobe experience allowed participants to virtually delve into Barbie’s wardrobe, playing dress up with Barbie’s fashion anthology.

High-profile guests included Brooke Shields, Rose McGowan, and Kelly Rutherford.

Maybe 50 years ago when Barbie was young, the dream wardrobe was a big deal.  But nowadays, it doesn’t have to be.  At Contempo Closet, we build closets specifically to match your specifications in terms of size, space, color and finish.

Barbie has had her dream wardrobe for nearly half a century.  Isn’t it time you got yours?

For more information on Barbie’s Dream Closet visit  For more on the event, check out photos and coverage from Daily Mail.

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2 Responses to Barbie Gets A Dream Closet. Why Shouldn’t You?

  1. Among says:

    your best bet is to check with the realtor you plan on sintilg the property with. closets are very important nowadays, moreso than in the long as you have ample closet space, you should be fine. but, if there are say, NO closets, you should consider adding some or coming up with some alternative. they don’t necessarily have to be WALK-IN closets, but just average size for that house, room, etc.

  2. Dani says:

    It means a lot to a woman. We have a huge walk in closet in our mestar bedroom, but every month, I am noticing that my clothes are being transitioned into one of the spare bedrooms’ closet space.Regards

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