Spotlight: Item 1265 Hanging Wardrobe with 2 Doors and 2 Exterior Drawers

The 1265 provides all the necessary amenities of great home organization

At Contempo Closet, our primary objective is not simply to craft furniture, but to create organizational space solutions.  We aim to mold space, to bring it under control and shape it to your desires.  Our wardrobe solutions aren’t just freestanding closets; they are tools to reorganize and refresh the space of your home.

Item 1265, a Hanging Wardrobe Closet w/2 doors and 2 exterior drawers, is a fairly large freestanding item that nonetheless offers copious amounts of storage with a strong eye for efficiency in modern design and dynamic aesthetic qualities.  Its dimensions place it at six feet tall, just under three feet wide, and only 2.25” short of two whole feet deep.  It’s a behemoth, indeed, and what it offers in size it complements with vast organizational efficiency and intuition.

The wardrobe features two 6.5” tall drawers mounted on steel-ball bearing slides to allow simple gliding interior access.  Each drawer is also 28.75” wide and 14” deep – large enough to accommodate sheer piles of clothing and personal accessories.

Lying on top of the two drawers rests a two door closet measuring 51.5” H X 31.2” W X 20.75” D.  With one steel hang rod included, here at Contempo Closet, we’re more than happy to customize your furnishing with extra shelves, tie racks, pants racks, etc.  View our accessories page to see what else you can use to fill the interior and organize it to your liking.

Give us a call and one of our design consultants will gladly walk you through all the possible organizational designs we can add to make the perfect wardrobe to fit your space and lifestyle.  In addition to custom storage features, this piece is also available in a variety of finishes.  Rest assured we can find the finish necessary to help your piece fit with whatever pre-existing furniture décor you may have.  Use our mirror finish to make the room look bigger and craft a striking shimmering display, or view one of our colored glass finishes to throw a splash of color into your room.

Contempo Closet products are not simply wardrobes.  They are studies in the organization of space.  We work to create the most efficient, magnificently designed wardrobes we can with a modern edge and a contemporary beat.  Call today to find out how we can help you reorganize your space and create a refreshing visual focus for your home.


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