Fun with Mirrors

Use mirrors to make your space bigger, brighter and better.Although they’re often ensconced simply as vanity objects, mirrors are one of the most useful objects in the interior designer’s bag of tricks.  Mirrors can make a room look bigger and add a decorative flair and chic sheen to any space.  We’re not saying you’ll get the Versailles Hall of Mirrors or anything, but mirror finishes can add a refreshing aura to any space.

At Contempo Closet, we actually incorporate mirror finishes as an available option on many of our products.  It’s a unique little thing we do, but typically it works great, making spaces appear a bit wider and helping our modern furniture blend into traditional environments.

We do everything we can to make sure our custom furniture looks great in any environment.  Mirror finishes make rooms look bigger, reflect light, and look great with modern and traditional décor.  Mission accomplished, right?

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