Home Organization Tip: Clean Out Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, too

Clean out your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with same logic you apply to wardrobe closets. We dedicate a lot of time on this blog to discussing home wardrobe and closet storage/organization, however we've utterly ignored two of the most important cabinets in the home: the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Read on for tips and tricks to help you organize the kitchen and bathroom with the same efficiency as your bedroom. Continue reading
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The Most Powerful Cabinet In the USA

President Obama's Cabinet (2009) No, the President’s Cabinet is not where Obama keeps his linens.  It’s actually a group of appointed advisers who run various federal executive departments.  Some of the well-known positions in the Cabinet include Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of … Continue reading
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Brokeback… to flatpack, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have secretly built a cabinet together inside No10 – an IKEA baby cupboard

Flatpack rat pack ... Cameron and Clegg get to work If you ever think of DIY (do it yourself) projects, leave it to the politicians to convince you otherwise (although they may be right). As Tom Newton Dunn, Political Editor for the Sun recounts below, all of a sudden, finding … Continue reading
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