Home Organization Tip: Clean Out Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, too

Clean out your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with same logic you apply to wardrobe closets. We dedicate a lot of time on this blog to discussing home wardrobe and closet storage/organization, however we've utterly ignored two of the most important cabinets in the home: the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Read on for tips and tricks to help you organize the kitchen and bathroom with the same efficiency as your bedroom. Continue reading
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Some Things Stay Sacred: Easter and Spring Wardrobe

Easter Sunday means it's time to pull out the Spring Wardrobe Easter, fortunately, has remained relatively unscathed by Madison Ave. (although candy giants everywhere do use the holiday as an Ad platform). Nonetheless, Easter does have a commercial appeal that's rarely advertised - the day winter finally goes out of fashion and the spring wardrobe season begins! Continue reading
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Keeping Your Shoes Organized

Shoes The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.  And this means that your footwear options have just grown exponentially.  Sandals and thin shoes are back! But with all these growing shoe options, how can you keep everything … Continue reading
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Time to Clean Out the Closet

Get ready to clean out your closet! March is the season known to come in like a lion and head out like a lamb.  While we’re still in the lion stages though, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the lamb.  It’s time to clean out … Continue reading
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Look before you leap into spring wardrobe – reassess with Contempo Closet

Add a brightly colored dress or one with prints to your spring wardrobe, and you're really up to date. (Jeff Tuttle/Wichita Eagle/MCT) Essential fashion and organization tips you need to know with Spring upon us. Beginning with a wardrobe closet perfectly sized and configured to your space and needs is a perfect way to start. A great article below by Debra D. … Continue reading
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