Sharing Is Caring: Making The Most of Your Closet Space

sharing a closet

When you enter into a relationship with someone, you’re committing to share.  Thoughts, feelings, affection, there’s an insurmountable number of items – tangible and intangible – two people might share with one another.

How about the closet?  Space is running tight and although it may be tough at first, with a little time and patience you’ll find that sharing a wardrobe closet is a cinch.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:


If you don’t need it, get rid of it.  This is no longer just your space, and a big part of sharing is having respect for someone else’s.  Weed through your belongings regularly and get rid of anything that you don’t use.  If you don’t use it, but can’t bear to part with it, consider storing the item in the attic or somewhere out of the way.

Organize Together

Start off organizing your shared space together.  This way you both understand the space, the needs of each individual, the limitations and the behavior necessary to maintain an orderly space.

Use Dividers

Shelves, drawers, baskets, anything that could be used to make a division, use it.  The key to this whole project is to create clear markers and an understanding of personal space.  If you have anything that can make the distinction any clearer, use it and label it.

Respect the Space

You have your space.  Your partner has their space.  Period.  Don’t start encroaching on your partner’s territory unless you want them to start invading yours.

Photo Credit: Carlos Porto

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One Response to Sharing Is Caring: Making The Most of Your Closet Space

  1. James says:

    One great thing to use is one or two of those under-the-bed storage cases. They’re long and about 1.5 feet aoscrs but not very tall so they can fit under you’re bed great for storing junk!Also, shelves and bookcases work wonders for knick-knacks.If you have a dresser keep the clothes folded as nicely as possible b/c it expands the space and you can find things better. Coat racks or on the wall hangers work great for storing things. I’d also go through all your stuff sometime this summer and make 3 piles while you’re doing it. 1-stuff to keep where you can get it. 2-stuff to put away (like in the attic or store in boxes under your bed or something) 3-stuff to give away or throw away. Try to not be a packrat either because that REALLY cuts down on space. Just keep the things you really use and want and need. Hope I helped! = )

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