Ditch The Clutter For Lent

48646g1hgtq2byp Every year, Catholics sacrifice one thing for 40 days and 40 nights to commemorate Christ’s journey into the desert as part of a ritual called Lent.  Some give up material things such as clothes shopping.  Others give up junk food … Continue reading
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Make Your Closet More Than Just a Storage Space

The Alpha Collection If you’re looking for a closet you probably have one thing in mind: storage.  But don’t just settle for any old storage space.  A closet, like any piece of furniture, should be unique and exciting.  It should not only say something … Continue reading
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NJ Furniture Manufacturer Contempo Closet Implements LED Focused Light Solutions in their Wardrobe and Closet Storage Solutions

Headboard with adjustable goose-neck lamps Contempo Closet, a member of the Contempo Space family, has begun to offer LED focused light solutions in their extensive line of storage solutions.   Eco-friendly and non-invasive, Contempo Closet is using progressive lighting solutions to add a new level of … Continue reading
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Fashion Week Heats Up NYC

The elite of the fashion world are gathering in NYC this week for Fall 2012 fashion week. The crème de la crème of the fashion world have gathered at New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012.  Models, designers, journalists and fans of all things fashion and style are flocking to Manhattan for … Continue reading
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With Contempo Closet You Don’t Have to Commit

committment With Valentine’s Day coming just around the corner, the “C” word is being thrown around quite a bit -Commitment.  It seems like every year around this time, relationships become a game and the only way to win is to go … Continue reading
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What Could You Put Under Your Bed?

Save space and stick some storage under you bed! Downsizing and trying to save some space?  Let us make a suggestion: in addition to wardrobe, a dresser or a walk-in closet, why not consider sticking some extra storage space in an already essential piece of furniture, the bed? Rooms … Continue reading
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Economic State and the Requirement of New Storage Solutions

closet vs. wardrobe Contempo Closet avoids confusion by differentiating between a closet and a wardrobe. Passaic, NJ August 23, 2011 – Due to the current economic state, there is a downsizing shift in housing.  As people and families move to smaller homes, closet … Continue reading
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How Colorful Is Your Closet? Lots of finish options with our wardrobe collection

Tie-dye maxi dress, $49.50 by Delia*s A great article below by Winona Dimeo-Ediger from The Frisky about how to infuse color into your wardrobe. What better way then to have a colorful wardrobe closet to go along with it, available in 3 different front finishes including … Continue reading
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Look before you leap into spring wardrobe – reassess with Contempo Closet

Add a brightly colored dress or one with prints to your spring wardrobe, and you're really up to date. (Jeff Tuttle/Wichita Eagle/MCT) Essential fashion and organization tips you need to know with Spring upon us. Beginning with a wardrobe closet perfectly sized and configured to your space and needs is a perfect way to start. A great article below by Debra D. … Continue reading
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